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Welcome to Bucharest - City Tour Details

Join me, Claire Alina on a fabulous walking tour of Bucharest city centre, taking in the sights and sounds of Romanias beautiful and historical capital.

Discover the citys rich history from times of Monarchy, The Communist era
and how today Bucharest has became a colourful, friendly and vibrant city.

Let me take you on a journey,visiting Bucharests fines points of interest, discovering ancient churches, beautiful architecture and memories of our revolution in 1989.

Sites of interest on my Bucharest City Tour include ......

  Constitution Square Unirii and the House of Parliament.
  Bulevard Unirii and Unirii Fountains.
  Antim Monestary.
  Dambovita river and Manuc's Inn (Hanul lui Manuc).
  The Princely Old Court - Home of Vlad Tepes.
  St. Anton Church and Stravapoleous Church.
  Palace CEC (old bank) and History Museum
  Passage Macca and Passage Villacross (Old Bucharest).
  National Bank of Romania
  Lipscani Street (historical centre of Bucharest).
  Russian Church.
  Coltea hospital, Coltea Church.
  Statue of Mihail Cantacuzino.
  University Square
  Intercontinental Bucharest Building
  Revolution Square (Victorei Avenue)
  Statue of Carol the First and The Memorial of Rebirth.
  Athenaeum Palace.
  Kretzulescu Church.
  Telephone Palace and Spectacular Military Circle

Add entry and 1 hour Tour of Palace of Parliament. - 6pp.
Email to enquire - Available entry dates and times vary.

At the conclusion of the tour I will be happy to return you to your hotel or pick up point.

Booking can be made via our friends at Trip Advisor or directly, via our contact page. Alternatenly call 0040 472 600 164.(8am to 10pm EEST)

Payment can me made person on the day of the tour and receipts will be given for all transactions.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you the delights of beautiful and historic Bucharest.

  Claire Alina - Registered Tour guide.
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours Communism Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours Communism Tour
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